Second Session

Trip to Sky Peak

17 Maius
After Midnight..
After Kaudian’s bold execution of the captive goblin, Kaudian and Euphestis participated in several games of sport with the party’s Dwarven hosts (Clan Madroon), while Erastus watched quietly as he poured over his old tome. These games included some drinking and the throwing of axes. Euphestis impressed all with a double throw of axes which both easily found their targets.

Early Morning.
The party and Kerg rose early to break camp. They travelled nearly all day until they arrived in the village of Magach. Lacking an inn, the party negotiated their way into gaining shelter in the barn of one of the more prominent farmers.

Once settled, Kaudian talked the rest of the group into sparring to practice for their upcoming conflict with goblins. The sparring attracted the notice of children, who Erastus ushered in the barn to watch, and it also created quite a bit of noise. Dala, one of the children’s mothers, came into the barn and chastised the group for creating such noise. After she finished, she and Kaudian exchanged some words. Kaudian left in the middle of the night to continue their conversation, returning just as the rest of the group started to rise for the day.

18 Maius
The party bought some food from the locals and departed Magach to continue on the trail leading toward the mountain.

Artaxus came and went as he pleased, hunting the ample game. Yet, Erastus sensed that Artaxus had information to communicate. Using his Druidic magic, Erastus learned from Artaxus that the party was being followed.

19 Maius
Early Morning.
Just after midnight as the group slept around the around the warmth of their campfire, a band of goblins attacked the group. Though it took the party a moment or two to throw up an effective defense, the band of goblins was mostly slain as the party came together using a combination of brute force, tactics, and magic. The group moved the location of their camp and then settled down to claim what sleep they could before the sun began to rise.

The party traveled quietly throughout the remainder of the day and set up a new camp just before the sun set. Prior to the group settling for the evening, Kaudian was visited by a sprite, who was sent by Drusilla the Nymph. The sprite was tasked with collecting some of Kaudian’s hair so that Drusilla could better track the members of the party.

20 Maius
The party rose and continued their journey toward the mountains. Slowly, the terrain transitioned from plains to light forests and the distant mountains came into sight.

As the party closed distance with the mountains, as was expected, Kerg split ways with the group. Kerg provided Erastus with a map to assist with navigating the remainder of the way and Euphestis with a ring of Clan Dallamund, so that the group could return the axe once it was retrieved. After a quiet goodbye, the party began a slow ascent up the mountain.

Shortly before sunset, the party established camped and enjoyed a night of peaceful rest.

21 Maius
The party continued its journey up the mountain and settled down for an uneventful night.

22 Maius
The party kept on making its way toward the top of the mountain, known as Sky Peak.

After a quiet day and just before the party was about to settle down to camp, a gorilla emerged from the trees and began observing the party. After a few moments of silence, it spoke and introduced itself as K’orf. After several minutes of dialogue, K’orf invited the party to escape the threats of the mountain and beddown as his residence. Euphestis’ attitude toward K’orf was friendly, while Erastus remained suspicious of K’orf’s intentions, and Kaudian was outright rude.

23 Maius
The party woke to the hospitality of K’orf’s unique cooking. After a short goodbye, the party continued its journey up the mountain.

As the party neared a narrow area in the path, it came under the attack of a huge man hurling small boulders. Once Euphestis was struck, the group decided to close with and attack the huge man. The group launched a largely ineffective attack and realized that the huge man was actually a stone giant boy. The party convinced the boy to stop his assault. He complied and after being berated by Kaudian, revealed that his father’s name was Vasaru. Upset, the giant boy fled.

The party made camp for the evening and enjoyed another peaceful night of rest.

24 Maius
The party continued up the mountain trail.

After a few hours of travel they began to hear the sound of wood being chopped. Cautiously, the party continued their approach. Not hard to spot, the party found an individual who could be no other than Vasaru. Surprisingly, Vasaru was very friendly with the party and apologized for his son attacking them earlier. Vasaru extended an invitation to the party to visit his home. Here the party was fed an extremely hardy meal and Vasaru offered to compensate the party for retrieving his stolen goats from a local tribe of goblins under the command of Rasgat. The party agreed.

Vasaru’s son, who the party learned was named Glenuuk, led the party a little ways back down the mountain. After reaching the side trail that led to the goblin cave, Glenuuk returned home. The party proceeded down the hidden trail and after a few minutes, a cave entrance became visible. Outside the cave were five skeletons mounted on pikes, presumably a warning to intruders. The party ignored the warning, intent to enter the cave. However, the skeletons sprang to “life” and began attacking the party. The skeletons proved challenging as they possessed some sort of regenerative magic. It wasn’t until Erastus used the power of his acid magic that they were permanently destroyed.

After defeating the skeletons, the party braved the darkness of the goblin cave. As they explored the cave, the party found ample evidence that human traders from the ambushed caravans were being stored in the cave. In addition to finding several truffle hogs, the party also discovered several damaged carts. The party encountered little resistance through the cave, with the only challenge coming from a small band of unprepared goblins, and a mad goblin alchemist and his animated human heads. Eventually, the party discovered the human prisoners, who the party reprovisioned, and a group of goblin females and children. Euphestus found and kept a clutch of 3 Cave Lizard Eggs.

Late Evening.
The group struggled with the fate of the goblin females and children, with Erastus clearly taking the position that, as monsters, they should be exterminated. The party came to an agreement that the goblins would be taken as prisoners and turned over to Vasaru. After making this decision, the group led the humans and goblins from through the cave and back to its main entrance. Prior to departing, the party explored one last unexplored section of the cave.

After passing through a locked grate, the party found themselves in a large dome-shaped cavern. As the party moved through the room, Euphestis and Kaudian were suddenly plucked from the ground by filaments. With an acrobatic display and support from Erastus and Artaxus, the group defeated what appeared be to two giant crabs. The party and their human and goblin charges rested overnight in the cavern, enjoying a meal of crab.

25 Maius
Early Morning.
The party awoke and continued their exploration. At the other end of the dome-shaped cavern, the party discovered another grate. Cautiously, they proceeded through it and followed a tunnel for quite a way. Finally, they emerged into a room where they found an extremely accomplished looking goblin and four tough goblin henchmen. It immediately became apparent that this goblin chief was Rasgat. After an extremely tough encounter, the party finally bested Rasgat and his cronies. However, they did not escape the battle unscathed and thought it best to use the large room to rest for the night. The humans and goblins also moved into the room to rest. After the battle Erastus identified a magical mark on Rasgat as a Rune of Obedience.

Rest of Day.
The party departed the goblin cave with the humans and goblins in tow, and proceeded back to Vasaru’s home. There the party traded with Vasaru, received their pay, and enjoyed an extremely hearty meal and rest.

26 Maius
That morning, Vasaru gave the party leave to proceed through his territory to ascend the rest of the mountain and retrieved the axe coveted by Kerg. He tasked Glenuuk with escorting the party. The trip took the rest of the day. At nightfall, the party camped for the remainder of the evening.

27 Maius
After a few more hours of climbing, the group finally reached Skypeak. The found the axe head, minus the handle which had long rotted away, stuck in a large tree. It was unnaturally cold and the area and overwatching the axe head was a Dwarven ghost with blue hair. It could only have been the legendary Kargar Bluehair, the owner of the axe. It watched as Kaudian used a makeshift handle to dislodge the axe head. After a couple of tough pulls, Kaudian pulled it free and the ghost vanished. Apparently Kargar wanted the axe returned to his people.

The descent down the mountain was much easier than the climb. The party returned Glenuuk to his father and continued their journey down the mountain.

29 Maius
The party made a brief stop at K’orf’s residence and gifted him the truffle hogs. They continued down the mountain.

30 Maius
The party finally descended the last portions of the mountain and reached the plains. After traveling a few hours, the party found a Dwarven warparty of Clan Dalamund. The Clan agreed to escort the party to the Dwarfhold.

31 Maius
Arriving to the Dalamund Dwarfhold under escort, the party was greeted at its gate by Kerg. Kaudian presented the axehead to Kerg and after recounting the tale of its recovery, Kerg invited the party into the Dwarfhold. Kerg invited the party to witness the presentation of the axehead to the Verus One-Eye, the Clan chief. While it was clear that Verus was none too impressed that Kerg was in possession of the blade and even more unhappy that the party had retrieved the blade for Kerg, Dwarven law required that Verus honor Kerg’s request to marry Verus’ daughter. Kerg thanked the party again, paid the party the wages earned, escorted them out of the Dwarfhold. The party marched for Magach.

01 Junius
The party reached Magach and retained a low profile with plans to immediately set off the following morning.

02 Junius
The party departed Magach and camped in the plains without incident under the stars.

03 Junius through 08 Junius
The party finally returned to Bordertown. Erastus checked in with his father and passed him information concerning the caravan. He reported that the caravan had been waylaid by roving bands of goblins but that the incursions should subside now that the goblin clan was without a leader. Seeking more information on the Rune of Obedience, the party met with the wizard, Mythvar. Mythvar could offer very little explanation for why someone would use precious resources to place this mark on a goblin, but confirmed that only one of the five Houses would have access to the resources necessary to create the rune. Mythvar suggested that the rune Maius be associated with witches from the East. Finally, Kaudian was met by Eudokia, the commander of the Arademian Bordertown garrison. After a heated exchange in which Eudokia tried to talk Kaudian into reenlisting into the Legion and Kaudian refusing, Eudokia informed Kaudian that she would be leveraging her legal options to force Kaudian back into service. The reason: Kaudian was needed to track down an important courier who had recently gone missing.



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