What Every Arademian Knows

Arademus is an Empire ruled by Arcadius Plentiglius the 23rd Emperor of the Plentiglian line. The Empire has been at peace for the last 50 years following the repulsion of a seaborne invasion from the Eastern Kingdom of Imbayol. The five ruling families of Arademus were forced to put their squabbling ways aside to unite in the face of the threat. Unfortunately, the alliance lasted only as long as the external threat. The five families; Lascaris, Maniaces, Phokas ,Stylian and Plentiglius have again fallen into subtle intrigues and vie with one another to gain power or to retain power. Arcadius Plentiglius sits upon an unsteady throne.
Laws and Customs
The Empire is a well ordered place. The Arademian military defends the borders and leaves the policing of various towns and cities to themselves. The rate of crime is relatively low and most citizens are content with their lot. Taxes are not heavy and the Empire is wealthy because of trade with foreign lands. It is said that Emperor Plentiglius asks nothing of his subjects that he would not do himself.
1. Non-humans are welcome in the Empire but are not considered citizens unless they have achieved patronage.
2. Citizens are eligible for military service in the event of invasion.
3. Slavery is legal in the Empire. (Slavery, however, is dying out. It is said the Emperor does not approve of the smell of human chattel.)
4. Citizens are free to travel within the Empire and to pursue their business as they see fit and as long as it does not harm the Empire.
5. Travel outside the Empire is at the risk of the traveler.
6. All Freemen and women may bear arms.
7. Any who are accused of a crime must be tried before an Arademian judge before any sentence is levied upon their person. (The closer to the border you are the looser the interpretation)
8. All Freemen and Women are entitled to vote for members of the Imperial Senate. Senators bring the voice of the people before the Emperor.
9. Cities and towns are ruled by Magistrates appointed by the Emperor.
10. The Magistrates may impose no law that contradicts the laws of the Empire.

Bordertown is the last significant piece of civilization in northern Arademus. It is a trading hub that funnels the commerce of different lands to the eager markets of central and southern Arademus. Caravans are a common sight and adventurers of many different stripes find their way to her gates. The town is a prize that the Plentiglii want to keep at almost any cost. Other families are constantly at work trying to gain control through different stratagems.
Magistrate – Arethas Choniates
Patron Deity – Apollo



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