Aeschylus - Deceased

Leader of the Red Sash Gang


Aeschylus was an older elven rogue and former leader of the Red Sash Gang. He was captured by the party in an ambush at the auction where he had been planning to sell the statue that he had stolen from the Dragon Shkiv. The party brought him back to Shkiv to meet his fate.


Aeschylus was born almost 600 years ago in a region of the Northern Dalkovian continent. He spent centuries adventuring and swindling sentient beings out of their money. He was also uncommonly fond of amore and he had lovers of many races. Aeschylus was the stereotypical rogue.

As the years wore on, Aeschylus noticed that he was less fond of daring escapes and harrowing encounters with all manners of creatures that desired his death. He decided to settle down and become a power behind the scenes in a Human land known as Arademus. It was this time that he met the dragon known as Shkiv. Shkiv had come to Arademus (disguised as a human) with the intent to establish a lair. Shkiv was greatly amused when the Elf attempted to seduce her when she was on a sojurn to a local temple. She spurned his advances and informed him that it “wouldn’t work”. Aeschylus, however, did not give up the pursuit until she revealed her true form and threatened him with a horrible death. Shkiv was secretly flattered by the handsome elf’s overtures and decided that she would have a statue cast with his likeness to remember him. For his part, Aeschylus was happy to have escaped with his life.

Nearly a century later Aeschylus established a gang known as the Red Sashes. He used the gang as a way to provide “services” to nobles who were willing to pay his prices. Aeschylus eschewed outright murder but was willing to have his men act as enforcers and thugs. The gang changed members over the decades but Aeschylus remained the leader and safe from any direct involvement in the crimes they committed. Thus he was content. Aeschylus used much of his wealth to build teleportation discs between the land of Arademus and the land of Imbayol, his adopted home. He also learned, totally by accident, that the Dragon Shkiv had come to live in Imbayol and he used the rest of his wealth to hire a powerful wizard to magically spy upon the dragon. Great was his surprise when he learned that the dragon had had a statuette cast in his likeness. He resolved to steal it.

As he planned his theft, things began to unravel in Arademus. A group of local bravos, in cahoots with the city guard tracked his gang back to the lair and launched an assault. The gang was defeated but Aeschylus escaped. Despite the setback he decided to conduct the theft of the statue anyway, ignoring the ill omen of the raid. Though he was successful in the theft, Aeschylus did not count on the tenacity of the adventurers who tracked him through the great city of Mokumabul and captured just as he was about to sell his stolen statuette.

Thus Aeschylus was delivered to Shkiv and met his fate.

Aeschylus - Deceased

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