Drusilla The Nymph

An Uncommonly Lovely Woman that lives at Elaayo Cairn


Drusilla is an ageless and beautiful nymph that lives in a forest grove near Elaayo Cairn. She is a mentor of the young Druid Erastus.


Once a few years ago, a stranger came to her grove. Drusilla had not had a visitor, let alone a human visitor, in many decades so she decided not to chase away the intruder. Instead of chasing him away she watched him from a distance as the young man sat upon the ground looking at the cairn with a kind of child-like wonder. This man was somehow different from his kind. He disturbed nothing and after a few hours he departed. She watched him go and thought no more of him.

Some days later he returned and again she watched him as he sat amongst the stones. Why was he here she wondered? This time she resolved to have one of the forest creatures follow him to see where he came from. The faun followed him through the land until it saw him enter man’s world some dozen miles from the grove. Apparently this one was a trader of some sort. The faun reported back to her mistress. Drusilla decided that she would reveal herself to him if he reappeared. Weeks later the one known as Erastus Vorenus again appeared at her Cairn.

The young man had just sat down amongst the stones when he noticed a young woman appear from nowhere right in front of him. He gasped at her unearthly beauty and quickly realized she was not human. Drusilla smiled and asked what the young man thought of her Cairn and the woods. He was speechless for an instant but quickly recovered his wits. “I didn’t realize this cairn belonged to anyone,” he said. “Please forgive my intrusion….” She waived her hand and bade him to be still.

Drusilla explained that she had noticed his lack of fear in the wilds and that he was special amongst his kind. She did not see many humans and those few she did see were… annoying.

“What is your name, human?”

“Erastus Vorenus”; he replied.

“Erastus, the Gods have decreed that our fates are intertwined. Come with me… I have much to show you. You have much to learn.”

So did she teach Erastus the ways of nature…

Drusilla The Nymph

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