Eudokia Maleinos

Hard Bitten Commander of the Arademian Bordertown Garrison


This woman is a She-wolf and she brooks no disobedience in the ranks. Her military career is well known and she has led the Arademian garrison with distinction. Her claim to fame is when she broke the neck of an attacking Ogre Chieftan with a single swipe of her mace.


Eudokia is a young human woman of 28 years. She was born in Bordertown and has lived there most of her life. Unlike most women Eudokia was raised from the begining to be a warrior. Her father taught her the blade and pushed her to join the garrison as soon as she was able to do so. Eudokia followed her father’s wishes and quickly found that she was in her element. She loves battle with a fervor bordering on mania. Despite this lust for battle, she is a capable commander and she does not spend the lives of her men cheaply.

Eudokia once fought and slew an Ogre Chieftan in single combat in a skirmish near the Green Mountains. Onlookers claimed that only one blow was struck and that the Ogre Chieftan was dead before it hit the ground. Eudokia claims that she was possessed by Minerva herself on that day and that the Ogre was stupid enough to bend down to try and grab her for “some loving”. Her mace was the last female contact that the Ogre Chieftain ever had.

Eudokia currently hungers for adventure and is bored with her posting. She commonly gripes about shuffling half-trained whelps from place to place and woe unto the suitor that tries to make a wife of her. Eudokia does not suffer fools well.

Eudokia Maleinos

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