Gert is an imposing Half-Ogre bouncer that works for Savonious.


Despite his looks Gert is fairly friendly and does not wish to do harm to the paying patrons of the Cracked Egg. He is fairly intelligent but does his best to hide it by speaking in short grammatically challenged sentences. He has never needed to draw a weapon to defend himself against a drunken patron because of his considerable skill in hand to hand combat.


Gert doesn’t say much about his past. He is obviously the spawn of an Ogre and a human woman. His pregnant mother somehow escaped from his father many years ago and she settled in Bordertown. Gert grew up to be large, angry and menacing. Gert was also much smarter than average and he quickly came to run one of the criminal gangs that plagued Bordertown. One night he attempted to intimidate the wrong person and Gert nearly met his end at the hands of Titus Savonious, a Captain in the Border Legion.

Savonious saw a hulking youth rather than a hardened criminal. He subdued the Half-Ogre and forced him to swear allegiance to him on pain of death. The seriously wounded Gert knew that he was one sword thrust away from death and that his dead and dying gang members weren’t going to help him. Gert swore allegiance to Savonius and became his servant. Many years passed and he accompanied Savonius on campaign to various parts of the Dalkovian continent. Then came the day that Savonius retired. What would become of Gert?

To the surprise of many, Gert was offered a job as a bouncer in Savonius’ new tavern called the Cracked Egg. Gert came to like the job as he usually doesn’t work very hard. He gets to eat and drink as much as he wants and bust the head of an occasional drunk. Life is good.


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