Kerg of Clan Dallamund

Kerg the Dwarf is a young warrior in need of help so he may claim his bride.


Kerg is a Dwarf of Clan Dallamund. He is a novice warrior that is looking for a group of adventurers (who are not Dwarves of his clan) to climb the mountain known as Sky Peak so they can retrieve the Axe of Kargar Bluehair from a tree that is at it’s summit. It is forbidden for Dwarves of his clan to climb the mountain so he needs help from outside. He is willing to pay good silver or gems to obtain his ancestor’s axe.


Kerg is a young dwarf of 62 years. He is driven by two things in life; adventure and his desire to wed Marda Dallamund, the daughter of his clan chieftain. Unfortunately for Kerg, his clan chieftain, Verus One-Eye, does not think that Kerg is worthy of his daughter. Kerg has has spent years pursuing Marda only to be checked at every step by her father Verus.

Recently, Marda beseeched her father to give Kerg an honest chance to prove his worth. Her ever crafty father made a decree that whomever wishes to marry his daughter must first retrieve the Axe of Kargar Bluehair from the top of Sky Peak where it is imbedded in the trunk of a large pine tree. Verus knew that no dwarf of Clan Dallamund was allowed to ascend the mountain because it was taboo. Any Dwarf that tries to ascend the mountain is stricken by a strange wasting disease that slays him or her in days. Thus did Verus think his daughter would remain unwed…

Kerg decided that the best course of action was to hire a group of outsiders who would be able to ascend the mountain in his stead. This is an unusual action for a Dwarf as Dwarves will almost never call upon others to aid them. Verus never expected this turn of events…

Kerg of Clan Dallamund

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