Listhis the Hag - Deceased

An evil, maniacal bitch


Listhis the Hag was an unusually large and powerful Greenhag. She lived in the Tethys swamp near the ruined city of Hyksos. She subjugated a tribe of Hobgoblins and used them to cause chaos amongst the Narnick tribesmen.


Listhis was vile and evil even for a hag. Her special delight was killing infants and pregnant women. She was responsible for the barren condition of fair Boobafina (via a curse) and when she was thwarted by the impending birth of Euphestus’ son, she resolved to murder the mother and child while Euphestus was out celebrating his impending fatherhood. She accomplished the murder but was unable to remove the two bodies before Euphestus and his drinking friends returned home. She fled the scene and was never suspected. Boobafina had died in child birth.

Many years later, Listhis waylaid and murdered Nemios Votis who was a one time friend and drinking buddy of Kaudian Manfringensen. Nemios was seduced by the hag’s magical beauty and easily lured into the Tethys swamp. Nemios died a horrible death at her claws.

Listhis met her end at the hands of the party in a pitched battle near her lair. Euphestus and Kaudian both struck a simultaneous mortal wound and ended Listhis’ evil forever. When her severed head fell to the ground it uttered these final words:


Listhis the Hag - Deceased

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