Lord Fawaz Farouk

An typically haughty Noble of Clan Farouk


Lord Farouk is a human male of medium complexion and average height. He would be quite forgetable but for the fact that he is one from one of the more powerful families in Imbayol.


Lord Fawaz Farouk is the second born son of Haroon Farouk, elder of clan Farouk. Lord Fawaz Farouk met the party at the auction of Aeschylus’ statuette. He was originally favored to win the auction but the auction was interrupted by the appearance of a Babau demon who would have slain him but for the quick action of the PC’s.

Unknown to Lord Farouk, Lady Makrooon had tasked the PC’s to embarrass Lord Farouk and to record the spectacle with a magical gem that she given to them. The PC’s didn’t need to embarrass him as the appearance of the Babau demon caused him to soil himself which Kaudian Manfringensen duly recorded.

Fortunately for Lord Farouk, Kaudian took pity on Fawaz Farouk and he lent a Ring of Conceal Scent which allowed him to cover his indiscretion before the City Guard, responding to the chaos in the Auction house, was able to question him at any length. Lord Farouk is said to be extremely grateful for the appearance of the party (which saved his life) and the quick thinking of Kaudian Manfringensen that allowed him to retain some of his honor. Needless to say, Lord Farouk was quick to pull some strings when Kaudian requested that he find some information that Kaudian required.

Lord Fawaz Farouk

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