Marius Phokas

An imposing young warrior of the Phokas family


Marius Phokas is a male human of about 25 years. He is the third son of the Patrikia Eudocia Phokas, the leader of the Phokas noble family. He is unusually large standing about 6’8" tall and weighing nearly 300lbs. Marius is known for his prowess in combat. He recently met the party when he was in a skirmish with Lascaris troops near the town of Tiriban.


Marius Phokas is known as The Wall because of his imposing physique. He is a fine warrior and a shrewd strategist. He sees the clandestine war between the Phokas and Lascaris as unfortuate but inescapable as his mother has yet to remarry and other families view this as a weakness to be exploited.

Marius Phokas

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