Quintus Vorenus

Father of the Druid Erastus Vorenus


Quintus Vorenus is a male human of middle years. Though only in his mid forties, he appears older because of fondness for drink and his brooding expressions which suggest past turmoils. Quintus is a former member of the Bordertown guard and works in the agora as a boyer and fletcher. He is also frequent patron of the Cracked Egg where he spends most of his coin. It is said that Titus Savonius pities him and tolerates both his drunkiness and his irregular payment of the tavern bill.


Quintus Vorenus is an angry and bitter man. He greatly misses his first wife who was unjustly accused of heinous crimes then executed after a sham of a trial. He drowns his sorrows in drink and so he neglects his new wife Lucia, his family and even his business. The one bright light in his life is his son Erastus who reminds him of his first love Floriana.

Quintus Vorenus

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