Street Stalker - Banished

A Babau


A Demonic fiend from the outer void.


X’erglaros was a Babau demon summoned to the material plane to serve as an “exterminator” for the nobles of Mokumabul. The PC’s theorized that the demon was bound to hunt only in the noble area of the city attacking only those who were “undesireable”. While this may have been true, the demon was somehow released to attack the PC’s while they were attending the auction held by the rogue Aeschylus. The battle was brutal but the demon wasted much time attempting to terrorize the PC’s by slaughtering the innocent attendees of the auction. Such overconfidence was it’s undoing as the Party fought bravely using tactics, shrewd weapon play and magic to overcome the demon’s tough hide. Likely it’s master is not pleased…

Street Stalker - Banished

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