Titus Savonius

An ex-adventurer who runs the Cracked Egg Tavern and Inn of Bordertown.


In his youth he was well known as a commander of the Border Legion but now he has retired to the quiet life of running the Cracked Egg. Few people are alive that have crossed him.


Titus Savonious is a ten year veteran of the Border Legion. He grew up as the second son of a minor noble family in the south of Arademus. He joined the army when he was a raw youth thinking that he would find a life of adventure. Instead, he saw much fighting and killing. During this time he met Quintus Vorenus, the future father of the Druid Erastus Vorenus. They fought many battles togehter side by side. In one harrowing encounter with an Orcish horde the two of them were the only survivors. It was at this point that Savonius decided to strike out on his own.

Savonious spent the next few years adventuring across Arademus and the Northlands beyond the Green Mountains. He and his companions, known as the Brotherhood of the Blade, fought and slew many great evils that threatened to ravage the land. It is said the former Emperor Markus Plentiglius owed his throne to the quick and decisive actions of the Brotherhood of the Blade. Savonious neither confirms nor denies these rumors.

Many years later Titus Savonious laid down his sword and opened an inn called the Cracked Egg. The Cracked Egg quickly became a meeting place for adventurers from across the continent. Titus Savonious still tends the bar from time to time.

Titus Savonius

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