Varmis - Deceased

A were-crocodile that attempted to waylay the party in the Tethys swamp


Varmis was a natural were-crocodile who took to living in the Tethys swamp a few decades ago. He would waylay and murder humans or humanoids that ventured into his swamp. Everyonce in a while he would leave the swamp to snatch villagers from farms that were near the swamp so he could hunt them for sport. Particularly tenacious victims were killed and eaten except for their right thigh bone which he kept as a souvenir. He also terrorized the local Grippli tribesmen.

Varmis recently encountered group of adventurers while he was in human form and fishing in the swamp. He pretended to be a disinterested coot who lived in the swamp but claimed that he could help the party find the missing Nemios Votis. He lured the party to one of his prearranged ambush sites and pretended to be attacked during the middle of the night as the party camped. The party slew him in a fierce melee near a river.

His one claim to fame was infecting Kaudian Manfringensen with Lycanthropy.


Varmis - Deceased

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