Death Servant Cloak - Used

A potentially life saving cloak


The Death Servant Cloak appears to be a normal cloak with an aura of necromantic magic. Attempts to identify the specifics will be frustrated but will give the scrier a strong feeling of beneficial magic. Once the cloak is donned, the wearer’s shadow will disappear.

The shadow of the wearer is actually drawn into the garment and animated to serve one purpose; to protect the wearer of the cloak from death in combat or by accident. The wearer will notice nothing (other than the loss of his/her shadow) until they are struck a mortal blow in combat or they fail a saving throw against a spell that causes an instant death (damage or effect) or they suffer an accident that would kill the wearer.

At the fatal instant, the shadow of the wearer will reappear and physically shove the wearer out of the way of the fatal blow or out of the radius of the spell effect. The shadow will create a local Time Stop effect and move the wearer up to 200’ feet from the point where the fatal blow fell. The shadow will then step into the wearer’s place and accept the fatal blow.


This extremely rare cloak is the creation of a high-level Wizard-Priest who was afraid of death as he had become old and was no longer dexterous in his old age. It is said that the God Pluto personally despises any of these garments.

This cloak was worn by the Ghoul Priest Yulvian. Yulvian could not benefit from the cloak as he was already undead and cast no shadow. The cloak then wound up on the shoulders of Euphestis Macacoides. It served him well when the shadow pushed him from the path of a Shambling Mound that was going to strike him a fatal wound.

Death Servant Cloak - Used

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