Pouch of Many Pockets

Magical Pouch for holding coins


The Pouch of Many Pockets is a non-descript looking leather bag. The pouch has an aura of alteration. Looking inside the pouch will reveal several slit pockets within the pouch. The pouch has the following powers.

1. 500 coins (or small objects about the size of a half dollar coin) can be held in the pouch with no apprecible encumberance to the wearer.
2. The pouch is silent and the contents will not jingle despite being jostled. It will always appear flat despite holding up to 500 coins.
3. The wearer will know exactly how many coins/items are in the pouch and can retrieve any object from the pouch as a swift action.
4. A person attempting slight of hand against the wearer of the pouch is unlikely to find the contents. The pouch imposes a -5 penalty to Sleight of Hand against the would be pick pocket.
5. Sharp objects can be held in the pouch without poking through the pouch.


The pouch was taken from the Wererat Thief Lucius. It does not look like an Arademian item.

Pouch of Many Pockets

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