Spear of Back-biting - No longer Cursed.

Two-handed spear with a nasty bite

weapon (melee)

This spear is a +1 Cursed Weapon. It is a two handed spear made of durable flexible wood. The spear bears the symbol of Janus. On a roll of a one (natural, not modified) the spear will not fumble or break but it will instead twist back and smite it’s wielder for full damage rolled and any applicable strength and magic bonuses. The wielder will not willingly use any other weapon and attempts to remove the weapon will not be possible short of a remove curse spell or greater magic (Miracle, Wish, etc). Forcible removal of the weapon is futile as it will magically reappear in the hands of it’s cursed wielder when he or she enters a melee.

Addendum – Curse was removed from the spear. Kaudian now wields a +1 Magic Long Spear.


This cursed weapon is almost a mixed blessing. On the one hand it will prevent some of the nasty effects of a fumble but on the other hand it has a tendency bite it’s wielder when he or she makes a mistake in combat. It is however, a magical +1 spear.

Once the curse takes effect (role of a natural 1 in melee) the wielder will become possessive of the spear and use it over any other weapon. Users have even been noted to exclaim how wonderful the weapon actually is with words like “neat” and “cool”.

This spear was taken from the lair of a swamp troll that the adventurers ambushed while it was hunting in the swamp. It is unknown who the original owner was and the Troll never used the weapon because he was far too stupid to consider using anything besides it’s own claws.

It is currently in the hands of Kaudian Manfringensen who has activated it’s curse.

Spear of Back-biting - No longer Cursed.

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