Euphestis Macacoides (Bub the Loud Drunk)

An aging widowed farmer casting about for something to do that matters. That usually entails relieving the world of some bourbon.


6’1" 220lbs and a little unkempt, Euphestis has a confidence that borders on pathological. Some people are often intimidated by his manner while others take great comfort in it. It seems as though he has never in his whole life doubted himself even when he’s pointing out his many flaws.


Born to Lusius and Moorina, peasant mud farmers in the heartland, young Euphestis saw the legions and victory processions on the road that ran past their hovel. He wanted that life.

Euphestis joined the legion at 16 and trained hard in all the martial disciplines. He had everything he needed to become a great hero of Arademus. On the eve of his legion’s departure he saw a young lady watching him in a parade. It was love at first sight. He suddenly wheeled his horse around, snatched Boobafina from the crowd and dashed off never to see the legion again.

Euphestis and Boobafina made for the frontier and started their new life in Bordertown. They worked odd jobs until they had enough silver to build a small farm. They were a perfect team. Euphestis provided all the energy, swagger and risk and Boobafina was the conscience and heart. The farm prospered.

For 15 years life was perfect except that despite constant efforts they had no children. Finally Boobafina conceived. They were like newlyweds again. The months flew by with both looking forward to their new life as a family. That never happened. Boobafina died in childbirth along with her tiny son.

Euphestis mourned briefly then he put on his old, brash mask and returned to the bachelor life he never knew.

Euphestis Macacoides (Bub the Loud Drunk)

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